• Peace Love World

    Country: USA

    Created at: 2012-10

    Technology: magento, php, mysql, jquery, amazon cloud

    Peace Love World

    US web store based on Magento Enterprise Edition. PeaceLoveWorld hosted on Amazon Cloud is daily visited by thousands of customers. Hatimeria is responsible for its maintenance and development.
    Among conducted works were:
    -integration with BlueCherry ERP
    -creating tools for advanced customers database analysis
    -developing ways of product catalogue management
    -developing marketing tools (as buy X get Y for $)
    -adding new ways of presenting products and many other!

  • Mikesport

    Country: Poland

    Created at: 2012-07

    Technology: magento, php, mysql, jquery

    Mikesport is an example of long and successful customer- Hatimeria collaboration. The whole page (besides graphics which were only implemented) was created by Hatimeria's team. What we're extremely proud of is its advanced integration with ERP system which saves time and money. It's a must-have for a busy online shop. When you owe such a popular online store you need to be sure it will be as customer-friendly as it's possible.' s maintenance and development assures our client his shop is up-to-date and based on the newest solutions.

  • Halsorutan

    Country: Sweden

    Created at: 2011-12

    Technology: magento, php, mysql, jquery


    Sweden-based pharmacy and health care products provider. We conducted usability and evaluation tests to increase sale which made shopping more intuitive what helps to engage more customers. Integration with payment system gave customers new possibilities and integration with ERP system simplified shop's management. Creating shop's version for mobile devices made our client's offer even more accessible.
    Hatimeria also provides application's hosting and service.

  • TuningSkins

    Country: Germany

    Created at: 2012-08

    Technology: magento, php, mysql, jquery


    For our Germany based customer we've created solution to easily sell and present car accessories like racing stripes or sponsor sticker. Credit card transparent payments, top selling skins and sophisticated price calculation algorithm included. All of that accomplished just in 5 working days.

  • Extranet Seofriendly Solutions

    Country: Poland

    Created at: 2012-04

    Technology: symfony 2, java, selenium, mysql, extjs

    Extranet Seofriendly Solutions

    Extranet for polish SEO company. Tracking website search engine positions, processing payments and service costs.

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  • RefSeofriendly
    Tomek Kołkiewicz, Seofriendly Solutions

  • RefSmartPR
    Dominik Sipowicz, SmartPR

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    Bartosz Wogórka, Tape Poland

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